Sound baths use the sound of crystal bowls to invoke a kind of remembering in the body, inviting it to explore its own deep wisdom. The sound of the bowls permeates the listener, creating space so they feel lighter, calmer, more expanded and peaceful.

Michele sees herself as a facilitator of the bowls, and a witness to the process. She uses Crystal Tones singing bowls, which produce bright, pure tones. The bowls are created from 99% pure quartz crystals, infused with gemstones. She activates the bowls in a freeform manner, and trusts that the sound of the bowls will support everyone on their own individual journey. During a sound bath, each individual will experience what they need in that moment. Some might experience deep relaxation, others a realization of what they need to release, or bring into their life, to be more harmonious. Michele trusts that what arises will support the participant in a way they can relate to, and will help them find balance in their body, mind and spirit.

A sound bath typically starts with the participants gathering in a circle. There is a brief introduction to the bowls, and their composition and tones. Michele invites the participants into a body relaxation meditation, which prepares the body to receive the sound. Next, she uses visual imagery to facilitate self-discovery, deep relaxation, and if appropriate,  problem solving. Then Michele plays the bowls for 30 to 45 minutes. After a bath, clients usually report feeling more relaxed, and a sense of wonder and excitement, allowing improved access to creative solutions to problems.

Michele offers sound baths in her office, in yoga studios, and in private homes, and is open to other spaces that afford a nice resonance.